Sunday, April 26, 2009

Freshlook Colorblends Honey & Pure Hazel

I've been wearing Freshlook Colorblends for a while now, and I just wanted to post a short review on them.

Freshlook Colorblends Contacts Review.

These aren't circle lenses, but I like to think they are. One day I will actually get them. (:

Comfort :: 5/5. I never find them uncomfortable, and I never, ever, have to use drops in my eyes when I wear them. I wear them all day with no problems.
Enlargement :: 4/5. My eyes look much, much, larger in them. I love it!
Color :: 5/5. Honey: They show really really well. The color is a really light brown and maybe a hint of orange or red. It's really pretty, but I think it stands out a little too much. But, it's perfect if you want an obviously brown color.
Pure Hazel: I find this color really pretty in a different way. It's not as bright and noticeable as Honey, but it seems to change colors in the light. It's more of a green and brown shade, which is also really pretty.
Overall :: 5/5. I have no complaints about these at all. They are really comfortable, and are overall my favorite types of lenses. I'm ordering some new types of lenses soon, but Freshlook is always going to be my daily prescribed lenses. (:

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