Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Likas Papaya Soap.

I always heard about Likas Whitening Soap, but I never really tried it out. For those of you guys who don't know what Likas Papaya Soap is, it is a whitening skin herbal soap and it's the first Filipino pure oranic herbal soap. It is enriched with Papaya enzyme and blended with tropical herbs to whiten the skin for a clearer and finer skin complexion. One bar is about 135g.

So I decided to try it out and see if it really works the wonders people say it does. I ordered it from a soompi seller's shop, SaturnCharm. Her prices at her shop are pretty reasonable, you should check it out. Visit her shop here.
SaturnCharm lets you negotiate a price too, so I got my order to be 5 bars for $18 shipped. I'm not sure if that's overprcied, but they don't sell it where I live so I guess it was reasonable enough for me.


Anabananie said...

If you buy this in the Philippines, it's only actually worth 59 cents each haha. But considering all the import taxes the seller probably had to pay to bring those soaps here I guess the pricing adjustment is okay.

(random commentor here..found your blog through frmheadtotoe XD)

美B said...

I also use that soap and I quite like it. I notice that my skin doesn't dry out as easily in comparison to when I use American brand soaps and it does help me fight a tan (I'm living in Hawaii!) I buy it for about $3 or $4 a bar at our Asian import store but most of the time they're sold out of it.


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