Sunday, July 12, 2009

Received my Honey Wing Circle Lenses! :)

Okay, so I got my GEO Honey Wings from S2Janie at a few days ago, and I promised a post, so here it is! If you buy from, remember to say that Lily from referred you!


Colour/Pattern- 8.5/10 The colour is absolutely gorgeous, but I sort of expected it to be a little brighter than it is. In some ways it looks a lot better in the light, and it looks VERY natural, which was what I was aiming for. :) For my first pair of circle lenses, I'm pretty satisfied!

Enlargement : 9/10 Never tried circle lenses before, but compared to my freshlooks, they englarge quite a bit, and I really like the da
rk rim around the edges too. <3>e the most. :)

Comfort 11/10 . Yes, these are VERY comfortable. At first, I wasn't going to order these lenses because many reviews said that the lenses were slightly uncomfortable and shifted around the eye. But, when I where them, they are even more comfortable than regular color contacts, and I can't even feel that they are in!

Overall : These are veryy pretty. I really like the color it brings out in the sun, and the little halo it shows, (which I thought that it wouldn't show up). I also like the natural brown it shows so it doesn't really look too fake. :)
I highly recommend them!


Anonymous said...

Do you think you can take a picture outside in the sun?

There's also All their circle lenses are $20 shipped but no free contact case =/

jennykliang said...

I like them! They look great on you :D You look kinda like Tiffany from SNSD :D SUPER PRETTY!

Lilly said...

Thanks. :)
Sorry denote I totally forgot about the picture! I'll take one now.

Kyrie said...

I saw your picture and fell in love with the contacts xD I had always been interested in circle lens but I could not find a place that was reliable and trustworthy. After looking at the feedback from users of, I immediately went and ordered the Nudy Grey lenses.Hopefully I can get them by next week and see how they look! If they arrive and I look cute then I'm going to try for the honey wings, too! :D Thank you for your post!

Lilly said...

Kyrie: That's great! I'm so happy for you. :)
Hope you like them!

Lilly said...

oh & remember to tell me how they turn out!
oh && did you remember to say I referred you tooo?
hehe. :)

Cynthia said...

does anyone know another good place besides and because neither of them have the Circle Lenses I want. The brand I want is Dolly Eye, prettyandcute has them but not the prescription and color so yea. Anyone know a good website to get them? Thanks

Kyrie said...
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Kyrie said...

Stephanie said...

those are really pretty! next on my list! I got the angel greys from Janie. I love them!

Lens Circle said...

You look beautiful with circle lenses on, that color really matches you. You're sooo cute ^_^ Love youuu


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